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Stop sign guy vs. happy child

2009-05-22 23:13:18 by RoFLCooN

a flash i been workin on for a week or two is almost done!
its the first time i acctualy tried a bit in flash and i hope everyone likes it
so yeah, once afriggenmoose finishes the sound ill be putting it up
im so exited >w<

Stop sign guy vs. happy child

Evar heard of swagbucks?

2009-05-22 22:06:51 by RoFLCooN

ya... you can get free shizz for using their search engine

pretty neet.

click the link to sign up and everytime i get swagbucks you will to!


2009-05-11 16:23:48 by RoFLCooN

i would like to clear up the fact that the "coon" in "roflcoon" is meant to be like a racoon, like the animal, and is not by any means meant to be a racist... thing, as a matter of fact i had no idea it could be a racist thing until a bunch of you faggots pointed it out

so yeah
quit cryin about it



2009-05-05 14:39:07 by RoFLCooN

well, i have been going to this site for years and never made an account
but guess what i did today? :F

yep... so far i've got one video up
its pretty much made of shit and is really just there because i want to fill thats space a bit

so... thats aboot all